To borrow from Forrest Gump (or to be more specific, Forrest’s momma), tiny houses are like a box of chocolates. You know never what you’re gonna to get — and it’s so very true.

The façade of a tiny house, much like the exterior of a box of chocolates, can look like any other humdrum suburban dwelling, just pint-sized. Yet, once you get inside, it’s filled with wonders. It has to be, because the space is snug. A tiny house needs to be designed in a clever way and filled with innovations like beds hidden in the ceiling, underground living rooms, and fold-out furniture.

Some tiny houses can also surprise you with their roomy, airiness as well. Some can even feel like huge spaces, utilizing large doors for walls that open up to gorgeous scenic spaces like the beautiful Welch coast that can make you feel like your home goes on for miles.

Basically, tiny houses and surprising design go together like peas and carrots, and this mobile mini-home is no exception to this winning combo.

So, what’s so original about it? Take a look inside…

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The designer of this home, Graham Berry, named it “Walden,” after the famous book by Henry David Thoreau.


Tiny House Listings

This home is actually in the “micro” category. It’s only 7’x14′, adding up to a mere 98 square feet!


Tiny House Listings

But the inside is stunning. Perfect for one person with nomadic tendencies, this little abode has a day bed, bathroom, and kitchen.


Tiny House Listings

The petite palace is rustic, bohemian, and minimalistic and packs a lot of style into a small space.


Tiny House Listings

White walls give the space an airy feeling.


Tiny House Listings

The bathroom boasts a toilet and standup shower, so if you lived here, you’d have to wave goodbye to bubble baths.


Tiny House Listings

But you can wave hello to sitting at this window, complete with a fold out table, where you can write, read a book, or have a meal while taking in different scenery every day.


Tiny House Listings

The dark cherry wood and the modern tin combine urban with the natural world, which is the style that defines this home.


Tiny House Listings

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