Several months back, a video surfaced on the internet showcasing the clever antics of a rabbit. Aware of a hunting dog tailing him through the forest, the rabbit executed a shrewd maneuver, outwitting the dog and making a successful getaway to freedom.

This video, shared on a Facebook page, has become a sensation on the platform, accumulating over 25 million views to date. Numerous internet users are in awe of the rabbit’s strategic escape.

Within the forest, the rabbit sensed the presence of a pursuing hunting dog, which was tracking the creature by scent. Displaying remarkable intelligence, the rabbit executed a clever strategy. It sprinted along the forest path, abruptly turning after a few meters and retracing its steps. The rabbit then concealed itself near the bushes further up the trail.

This cunning maneuver proved successful as the dog, following the initial trajectory, ran past the rabbit. Seizing this opportunity, the rabbit swiftly escaped into the forest, gaining a significant advantage. Witness the ingenuity of the rabbit’s move, leaving a lasting impression on numerous online spectators.



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