A flash mob is an exciting thing to watch. Though they are not done as often anymore, flash mobs continue to captivate audiences and make for a worthwhile watch. The best thing about this type of choreographed and planned performance is that it has the power to bring together different kinds of people. After all, for those who are witnesses, it does seem like a random group of people started dancing together in perfect unison all of a sudden!

When it comes to creating a flash mob in a huge metropolitan city such as Chicago or New York, it is more likely for a truly random group to meet, but in smaller places, an already strong community is strengthened even more. This is true for high school students, who have an enjoyable experience together and create something they can remember for the rest of their lives.

Previously, Scott Pankey, a theater teacher from Dallas, had choreographed a flash mob to create unity within his students as well as to connect to them, and it had even become viral. Using Bruno Mars’ hit song “Uptown Funk,” Pankey created a masterpiece.

Another group of high school students from the town of Saanich in Canada had an incredible time taking part in a flash mob with some pretty special people: the police of their town! Back in May 2017, the students came together to dance to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” which seems to be one of the most popular songs for a performance like this one! The final result is worth a watch!

Be sure to reach the end of this article to see the full video 🙂 

media release statement by Saanich Police described that the police officers attended a week of rehearsals before the group of cops and over 100 students performed together. While the practice and execution of the dance mob was a lot of fun, there was more behind this pairing of cops and students, as described by the statement.

“One of the goals of this event was to create a special relationship between students and police. This was achieved by participating in the dance classes with the students where cops and kids could laugh with each other and work towards a common goal of dancing together in a flash mob.”

The statement continued:

“Dancing in public as part of a flash mob was definitely outside of most officer’s comfort zone but they were willing to step outside the box and create a special and lasting memory for our community. On the day of the flash mob there were smiles on everyone’s faces who were present at Uptown.”

The great thing about dance is that it connects people no matter who they are, and in this case, both high school students and cops let their guards down and became comfortable with each other for a common goal. Not everyone may be comfortable dancing, but by allowing a sense of comfort and acceptance around them, both the cops and the students had an experience they are sure to never forget!

Often, people may be intimidated by people on the police force, but thanks to activities like this, lots of young people realize that they have more in common with cops than they previously thought.

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