She approached the owner and asked if she could bring some products and pay later.

In a low voice she explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, that they had seven children and needed food.

The shopkeeper, imperturbable, asked the guards to kick the woman out of the shop. However, the woman, thinking of her family, continued to plead:

“Please, I’ll pay as soon as possible.” The shopkeeper said he couldn’t offer food on credit to someone he didn’t know. A customer overheard the conversation at the store entrance.

The customer came and told the owner that he was interested in his wife’s purchases, but he ignored her. The store owner called the woman and asked, “Do you have a shopping list?” , she replied

“Yes sir”. “Well, put your list on the scales,” he said, “and when you weigh the list, I’ll feed you.” He hesitated for a moment, then turned, picked up a piece of paper and wrote on it. Then the woman, startled, put the paper on the scales.

And so the scales immediately fell down, as if a stone had been laid on it. The shopkeeper and the customer looked at him in surprise.

The shopkeeper started to put the groceries on the other side of the scale, but she didn’t even move, so more and more groceries, but because the scale didn’t fit anymore, she couldn’t take it anymore and took the piece of paper.

To see if there is a trick. The store owner looked in the newspaper and read with amazement…

It wasn’t a shopping list, it was a prayer that said, “Lord, Lord knows my needs, I leave this situation in Your hands.”

The store owner gave the woman all the groceries that were on the scale and fell silent when the woman left the store.

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