> Abused Dog Didn’t Trust Anyone After Being Rescued Until He Met This Little Girl

Abused Dog Didn’t Trust Anyone After Being Rescued Until He Met This Little Girl


Unfortunately, children and animals are often victims of abuse and this horrifying fact can make the world seem appalling and scary to most of us.

Those who have been through abuse may have a hard time trusting others. That’s why this dog is such a perfect aide for children who have to go to court to testify against their abusers.

Patriot, a Siberian husky who lives in Orange County, California, knows what it’s like to be mistreated and neglected. From the time he was born until he was four months old, he was abused by his owners.

He has a scar around his snout from where it was wrapped shut with a metal wire. The wire had dug into his skin, permanently disfiguring him. Almost an inch of the tip of his tongue had been cut off.

Patroit the dog

But this story has a happy ending.

Patriot was rescued by Marlin and Misty in 2012, and the couple helped him recover.

Patriot underwent numerous surgeries to repair his injuries. Marlin worked with the dog daily to nurse him back to health and help him understand that humans aren’t all bad.

When Marlin learned that the Orange County District Attorney’s Office was planning to use therapy dogs to help abused children feel more comfortable in court, he knew that Patriot could help.

By this time, the dog was about four years old. He had a calm, trusting and sweet demeanor. Perhaps most importantly, he knew what it was like to go through the trauma of abuse.

In collaboration with the legal office, Marlin founded PAWS Assist the Needs of the District Attorney, or PANDA.

This program has helped a number of brave children find the confidence to confront their offenders in court.

Kevin Marlin and Patroit

“I remember one young girl who was just beginning the process of a trial, and she was visibly uncomfortable until Patriot came over and nudged her with his nose,” Marlin recounted to People.

“The girl grabbed hold of him and cried. They made a strong connection, and the girl was able to move on with her story. She didn’t want to leave Patriot that day when she was finished.”


Patriot doesn’t do this honorable job alone. Thirteen other therapy dogs give children the courage to share their experiences at the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Although Marlin never located Patriot’s abuser, the dog “wears his scars to remind us all about his story of survival and forgiveness,” Marlin told People.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They can also be a child’s intimate confidante. Even just petting a dog can help ease people’s anxiety and make them feel at ease.

Dogs can also sense anxiety, and they will stand by your side when you need them most and that’s what this brave pup did.

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