> Addicted Dad Receives Unexpected Gift From Secret Santa

Addicted Dad Receives Unexpected Gift From Secret Santa


Every year, CBS Evening News and its “On the Road” segment tours the country with a Secret Santa, a kindhearted man who randomly hands out $100 bills to lucky passersby. This Secret Santa doesn’t judge anyone, and he has no idea what these strangers will do with the money — he simply does it out of the kindness of his heart.

Enter 30-year-old Thomas of Reading, PA, one of the surprised recipients of Secret Santa’s generosity. After seeing his emotional reaction to the money, “On The Road” decided to learn more about him. Thomas is addicted to heroin, he hadn’t worked in a year, and he even admitted to selling his own son’s toys for drug money. He was depressed, he was hurting, and he considered himself a “deadbeat.” With little hope left, his girlfriend suggested to Thomas that he say a quick prayer to God. He was reluctant, but he did. For the first time since childhood, this atheist prayed.

What happened next is truly incredible, and you don’t have to be a religious person to agree. Watch the video to see Thomas having an epiphany, right there in front of the camera — and please SHARE this touching video with your friends on Facebook!