The call they got from the adoption agency changed the course of life forever for this family.

The story of a couple, Joseph and Shanna Weight, reminds us that life is full of surprises and we can never know what awaits us around the corner.

Ever since these two got married, they knew they wanted to be parents. What’s most, everyone who knew them would always say how the child that will enter their life would be the luckiest on Earth.

But as time passed by and the two had troubles conceiving, they visited a doctor. The news were devastating. They were infertile.

However, the Weights never lost hope of ever welcoming a child in their life, even though it would mean they will have to adopt one.

Their next step was to contact an adoption agency. But as this process is a complex one, they had to wait for a couple of years before the agency Act of Love Adoptions contacted them back.

The couple was told how there was one teenage mother-to-be who wanted to give her child away, and Joseph and Shanna were over the moon. They couldn’t wait for their little boy to be born.

Finally, baby Milo was welcomed into the world and into their family.

Joseph and Shanna decided to stay in touch with Milo’s biological mother, that’s how kind these two are.

Milo grew older when a miracle happened. Shanna discovered she was pregnant. They couldn’t believe their ears. Doctors convinced them how they can never be biological parents, but God had other plans for these two kind souls.

The family was a happy one. They loved both their kids just equally and were certain they would never have other kids again. That’s why Joseph had a vasectomy. But another baby found it’s way into their life six years after they adopted Milo.

Namely, both Joseph and Shanna were concerned because they hadn’t heard of Milo’s biological mom in a couple of months and hoped she was doing fine. She, however, was pregnant again and didn’t want to keep this other child either. The agency contacted the Weights once again and asked them whether they wanted to take in this baby so that she could grow up next to her biological brother’s side.

Joseph and Shanna hesitated whether they should adopt the girl or not because they already had so much on their plate taking care of two young children.

Shanna remembers her first thought was “We can’t do this.”

But as they were discussing the situation, Milo overheard them saying his biological mother was pregnant again and that sort of sealed the deal.

Milo really wanted his baby sister to be part of his family, and his mom and dad just couldn’t say no. They knew raising three children would take a lot of energy and money, but they also knew deep down that adopting the new baby was the right thing to do.

“But if she was supposed to come home with us, all the other stuff doesn’t matter and it will work itself out” Shanna said.

In February 2019, Onni Pearl was born.

Having this cute bundle of joy in the family made them even happier than before. Needles to say, Milo was the most excited of all.

Take a look at this incredible family in the video below and don’t forget to share this ‘magical’ story with your family and friends.

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