> Alarming Security Footage Catches Squirrels Red-Handed During A Chocolate Bar Heist

Alarming Security Footage Catches Squirrels Red-Handed During A Chocolate Bar Heist


In the animal kingdom, survival is the order of every day. Animals spend a lot of their time trying to figure out where their next meal is coming from, and what they will have to do to get it.

For most animals this means hunting or foraging for their food. However, some animals have a different way of making sure they fill their bellies.

When Cindy Kim and her parents noticed that a lot of candy bars were going missing from their small shop, they didn’t know who was responsible. So, they set up a camera and discovered something amazing…

Cindy Kim and her parents, the owners of a local convenience storm, couldn’t explain how so many chocolate bars were being stolen from their store. Last fall, up to 40 bars seemed to vanish, as if by magic. But it wasn’t magic… it was a perpetrator they didn’t expect at all…

The thief was really an entire gang of squirrels! Taking a page from Harry Houdini’s book, these clever squirrels would scurry inside the shop’s open door, grab a candy bar of their choosing, and before anyone noticed they were halfway down the street. They were clearly not counting their calories. 


Kim believed the string of robberies was because of her parents. They’d set up a bird feeder outside of the store, and when the bird feeder ran out of seed, the irate squirrels would exact their revenge the only way they knew how; by hitting them Kims where it hurt the most: right in the candy section. 

As you can see in the photograph below, there was very often no stopping these deviants. They were squirrels on a mission, with a hunger that could not be tamed. They laid in wait outside the store until the coast was clear…

That’s when they’d strike! The squirrels would grab the candy bar of their choosing (appropriately this one took a Payday) and go running off to into the woods where they would no doubt be worshipped by their fellow nest mates for a job well done. 


For the Kims, it’s now business as usual. The best they can hope for is that being more vigilant about closing the shop door will keep their livelihood safe. To see this slippery squirrels in action, check out the entire video below!