Amazing Barbershop Quartet Sings “Love Me Or Leave Me”


When these four gentlemen initially took to the stage no one had any idea they were in for the musical treat of the night. Singing the popular 1920s song “Love me or Leave me,” this barbershop quartet took the original version, twisted it on its head, and delivered a new version that left the whole audience in utter awe.

The video itself begins simply enough; the four men, dressed in beautiful, white suits popped with a red rose you’d think they’re about to sing just any regular oldbarbershop quartet song. But less than one minute into this wildly entertaining performance you’ll easily see that these four men are the best of the best when it comes to this difficult form of music.

Instant Classic is a group of four singers who have perfected the art of entertaining a crowd. From the first second until their final note, these men keep the audience completely enthralled throughout their 4 minute performance. At the 1 minute mark, when they sustain that high note, only to raise their voices higher and higher, the whole audience got chills!

Along with their amazing showmanship, this barbershop quartet really pulled off the classic love song while adding their own cool little twist. Make sure to watch the whole performance and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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