> Army Vet suffering PTSD has been missing two weeks. Let’s Find Her

Army Vet suffering PTSD has been missing two weeks. Let’s Find Her


A former Army police officer is missing. Her name is Ashley Meiss, she left her home in Ogden, Kansas on May 17 for a jog and didn´t take her keys, wallet or phone. On Saturday, May 19, Ashley called a friend from a blocked number and told her she was feeling down about a messy ongoing divorce and child custody battle. Ashley has two young children.


Ashley is 30 years old, she is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and has short brown hair that is shaved on the sides.

Family and friends fear the army veteran may want to harm herself and are desperately asking people for help in bringing her back. According to her family, Ashley has been struggling with mental health issues, including PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder, for some years.

Her brother, Chris Lewis, created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a reward to compensate anyone who is able to provide trustworthy information leading her whereabouts.


Tom Lewis, Ashley´s father is a veteran of the Marines, he said his family is very worried and they have been shielding her two kids from watching the news. ‘The kids have no idea what’s going on… the kids are gonna come to stay with us for like the next six weeks,’ he said.

“She left her phone, all her identification, financial stuff, her dog — which is extremely uncharacteristic to leave her dog at home when she goes on a run,” the dad said.

“On Sunday, she had visitation with her kids and she missed that,” her brother said. “For her not to show up for the visitation, there’s something wrong. She would never miss that.”


Police could not trace the phone number she called from on May 19, but Chris said the family is holding out hope, because her Facebook account indicated someone had been using her account, and only the family and police have access to it…


The crowdfunding page reached $5,637 of its $10,000 goal. Ashley´s brother said that is his sister is not found, the money will go toward a graduation fun for her two kids.

Any help or information would be grateful for her family and friends. We hope Ashley is ok and she returns home soon.