Asanford, Connecticut mom is warning other parents about the potential dangers of pacifiers after her son nearly choked on his pacifier twice, according to a video posted by Chibis .

Kacie McFadden said her son nearly choked to death at just 2 months old, when a pacifier broke in his mouth.

“He was about two months old. He was gurgling and I ran in the room and I found that the pacifier had broken off and it was lodged in his throat and he was changing colors,” McFadden told reporters, according to the video by Chibis.

When McFadden tried to remove the pacifier from Ryder’s mouth she realized the nipple was lodged in his throat and performed the Heimlich maneuver. Then she called the manufacturer of the pacifier, MAM, who assured her that the incident was rare and sent her replacement pacifiers.

An 2012 study by Kids in Danger 12 different pacifiers were recalled between 2008 and 2012 because they didn’t meet safety standards. Additionally, reports showed that when 32 choking incident reports were reviewed, 72 percent involved the pacifier as a choking hazard and 34 percent stated that the babies had choked on pieces of the pacifier, according to Kids in Danger.

According to the video on YouTube, the company sent her a package or replacement pacifiers and asked her to send the broken pacifier back to them. They also encouraged her to inspect each pacifier before use

McFadden used the replacement pacifiers for two months before her son again choked on a pacifier from the same company. The nipple broke off from the base and became lodged in Ryder’s throat.

“I had the scare of my life twice, and uh, we’re not going to be using them at all anymore,” McFadden said.

On Safer Products, there were 23 different complaints about MAM pacifiers breaking, the latest posted less than a week ago. The company responded to each complaint with the same response, noting that their products “exceed all CPSC requirements. ”

McFadden says she wants the company to fix their product, even though the company claims there is nothing wrong with their pacifiers.


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