Baby Ducks See Water For The First Time — Can You BELIEVE What They Do?


Raising water fowl is no small feat. Even as an animal lover, raising just a few ducklings would be a new challenge for me. So when I saw this video, I was totally shocked!

Responsible for raising 171 ducklings in a humane and ethical environment, this guy would seem to be in over his head — but everything looks like it’s working out. Somehow, all of these little ones seem to get along.

In this adorable video, there’s a new installation in the ducklings’ pen — their very own pool. As soon as they run outside and see it, they instantly become curious, if not a little hesitant (like any baby!).

What would you do if you had all of these ducklings?! I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get very much work done with all of these fluffy cuties hanging around!

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