> Baby Goats Play Musical “Chairs”

Baby Goats Play Musical “Chairs”


Puppies, kittens, and baby animals in general are just about the cutest things imaginable. But there’s just something about the way baby goats hop around, letting out their adorable little cries, that makes them one of the cutest baby animals out there.

They are playful and full of energy, making them a blast to watch. They interact warmly with humans and just about any other animal, and they always make us and laugh. (Remember the baby who couldn’t stop giggling the first time he visited the farm and saw these hilarious animals bouncing from one barrel of hay to the next?)

In addition to all of those great things, goats even help out when it comes to the environment andpreventing forest fires, like a large group of them did in Berkley, CA!

And yes… I may be listing off all of the reasons why I would personally like to bring one home as a pet…but my bias aside, that doesn’t mean that all of those things aren’t valid!

Just take a look at these adorable baby goats, as they play the farm animal version of musical chairs, hoping from one tree stump to the next, even knocking other goats off so that they can be the big winner at the end!

Warning: If you didn’t want a baby goat as a pet before watching this video, that is about to change!

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