Baby Hysterically Laughs When Mom Makes Animal Noises


The last time I went shopping for a baby shower gift, I was totally overwhelmed. The shower was for my best friend, and I knew I wanted to get her some good stuff, but the problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find the right gifts to get, but that there too many to chose from!

After picking out one the cutest little outfits ever and enough Pampers to to build ten diaper cakes, I wanted to get one last thing. Some kind of toy or game that I could play with my “niece” the second I got to meet her.

I was so caught up in checking out all of these new and exciting toys, that I totally skipped over the section that contained my favorite thing when I was younger…books!

There’s just nothing quite like reading a book to a little one, and when those books make sounds or have lots of pretty pictures, you will have baby’s attention for much longer than any toy ever could.

When the mom in this video decides to act out the animal sounds from a book while reading to her 8-month-old son Nate, she not only gets his attention, but also gets some of the greatest giggles ever heard!

Even at this young age, Nate is already on his way to becoming a smart little toddler, all thanks to his mom!

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