In recent times, a heartwarming video has circulated on the Internet, showcasing a unique tale of companionship between dogs and a rescued baby otter.

Kind individuals discovered the solitary infant in their garden and took it upon themselves to nurture and care for the little one, as its mother never returned.

The video clip, which was published on the YouTube network, is already a real hit there – it has reached tens of thousands of views to date, and the cute outcome has impressed many animal lovers online.

Initially, the Norwegian family believed they could reintroduce the otter to the wild as he matured. Even as a baby, he learned essential skills and formed special bonds with some remarkable animal companions—the family dogs.

Named Sven by the rescuers, the otter now chooses to spend his time with the dogs. They share moments everywhere, from swimming in the water to playing in the snow. Watch this endearing video that is sure to brighten your day.


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