This Baby Panda Keeps Trying To Escape From His Enclosure In The Most Endearing Way


As much fun as it is to spend a day at the zoo, some people get uncomfortable seeing so many animals in captivity. Yet it’s important to remember that, so long as the animals are taken care of, in a way they are better off there than they are in the wild, since they’re protected from poachers and other threats.

Still, that doesn’t mean that animals—especially babies—wouldn’t like to get out and explore once in a while. It’s in their very nature, after all! Can you really blame them?

This troublemaker of a panda cub, for example, must have felt bored being all cooped up in his enclosure. You have to see the hilarious way he tried to escape!

This cute panda cub in Chengdu, China sneakily tried to escape from his zoo enclosure.

The panda has since been named “the cutest door stop,” and it certainly seems like a fitting nickname!