> Beach-Goers And Fire Department Work Together To Save Dying Dog

Beach-Goers And Fire Department Work Together To Save Dying Dog


Every summer, dog owners flock to the Davis Island Dog Beach in Tampa, FL for its beach area featuring 200 feet of waterfront. But this past week, tragedy struck when beach-goers noticed a large lab mix who appeared to be drowning in the water. Once the dog was pulled onto the sand, onlookers realized the dog had swallowed way too much saltwater, and was having trouble breathing. That’s when these strangers came together to help the poor pup and his owners.

The fire department arrived at the scene, and with their help and the help of a local resident, the dog was finally revived. And he’s okay!

Dogs get hot and thirsty just like us humans, so if they don’t have access to fresh water they often resort to drinking saltwater. This should be avoided. Drinking saltwater can cause vomiting and dehydration in dogs, as well as a condition referred to as “beach diarrhea.” This type of diarrhea occurs when excess amounts of water accumulates in the dog’s intestines. According to VetInfo.com, you can discourage your dog from drinking salt water at the beach by regularly offering clean, fresh water in a familiar container. “Your dog should take a break from exercise every fifteen minutes while on the beach; take him into the shade and make sure he drinks fresh water. Have your dog sit or lie down in the shade to rest.”

This video serves two purposes: To recognize the men and women who worked together to save this dog’s life, and to warn dog owners everywhere to take extra precautions while enjoying beach days with your four-legged friends.

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