The Very Best Of Funny Baptisms


Mom felt like it was her duty to capture a memorable moment on camera. Her daughter Janelle, only ten years old, was showing her faith through her baptism. While mom captured a memorable moment on film, it turned out to be the moment that got the whole church cracking up. Watch as the hilarious scene plays out.

At first, little Janelle seems a bit shy speaking into the microphone to introduce herself. But her shyness did not last long, as she commanded everyone’s attention by plunging head-first into the water by herself. She put a look of shock on the pastor’s face and even he was cracking up!

You can hear the chuckles of Janelle’s family and the members of the congregation. But just wait until the end of Janelle’s baptism when she gets the church rolling in laughter. Janelle’s baptism was a moment that will always put a smile on her family’s face.