Black Swan Bullied By Other Birds, Then Rescuers Find 6 Mysterious Eggs In Her Nest


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Out of the frying pan and into the fire?” That’s exactly the situation Ginny the black swan found herself in when she moved into her new home at Carolina Waterfowl Rescue (CWR).

The elegant bird had been rescued from a terrible hoarding situation and taken to the sanctuary where her rescuers hoped she would soon make some friends.

Sadly, that didn’t happen.

For some reason, the other swans didn’t take to Ginny and, instead of welcoming her, they began to bully and intimidate her.

She got so lonely that she began to try to make friends with the humans instead.

“She started coming up to the house, and would talk to her human friends,” CWR director Jennifer Gordon recalled.

All of the rescuers felt terrible about what Ginny was going through and even gave her a special sanctuary in the barn’s aviary where she wouldn’t have to worry about being chased around.

While she was there, though, something happened that left the CWR team truly stunned.

Ginny began to make a nest and then laid six eggs. When the team examined the eggs, they discovered that each of them had been fertilized.

No one could figure out who the father could be – how did Ginny find a mate when the other swans all seemed to hate her?

Normally, CWR discourages breeding and collects eggs before they hatch, but they decided to let poor Ginny keep hers, hoping that caring for them would give the sad bird a sense of purpose and hope.

CWR began to post updates about Ginny and her eggs on their Facebook page and even set up a live-cam so people could watch as the countdown began for her babies to hatch.

Soon enough, as thousands of eyes were fixed to their screens, little beaks began to poke through the shells. Viewers all over the world watched as all six healthy little cygnets entered the world.

It was then that the CWR team began to piece together the mystery of who the father was. They believe the dad is another black swan named Diablo, but they’re still not quite sure how that came to be.

While Ginny may not have been able to make friends with the other birds at the sanctuary, we’re sure her adorable babies will give her a fresh sense of purpose and keep her busy for a while!

Hopefully, in that time, the other birds will come around. In the meantime, she’ll have plenty of love to go around!

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