When Josie Paille was 16 years old, she had a vein occlusion and lost vision in one of her eyes. Josie quickly adjusted to her disability, and most people couldn’t tell she had one at all.

However, years later, doctors told her that the same condition was spreading to her good eye. The doctor told her to prepare to go completely blind. She was heartbroken. To cheer her up, her brother, Peter, suggested she go sky diving to see something beautiful before she couldn’t any longer.

Josie really didn’t want to go. She told Peter that she would call home and if her father was home, then that would be a sign to do it. Little did Peter know, Josie was certain her father was away. That was until he answered the phone….

Reluctantly, Josie decided to go skydiving. As soon as she left the plane, she was certain she was going to die.

“This is the most terrible thing, my children are going to see my death, so I tried to give them some sign that I loved them,” Josie recalls.

That’s when she decided to hold up three fingers to the camera man who was recording the video for her children and grandchildren. Suddenly, she felt a popping behind her eye. It was an excruciating pain.

The instructor released Josie’s parachutes, and in that moment she felt a sense of relief and calm. After she landed, she told the instructor about the pain, but he dismissed it as Josie’s ears popping from the air pressure.

The next day Josie woke up and she could see — not just from one eye, but from both. The change in vision was so miraculous, Peter didn’t believe her. He took her to the doctor who conducted tests. The bleeding and the blockage had stopped.

Doctors believe the air pressure may have released the blockage. Josie, however, believes it was a miracle.

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