She Blows Up A Balloon And Pushes Her Phone Into It Until It Pops. The Result? I Can’t Believe THIS



Balloons are some of the most beloved simple inventions that you can get for pennies at your dollar store.  They have many more uses than for just blowing air into though.

You can use balloons to make phone cases, self watering plants, stress balls, and so many more amazing things that only require a little thought and time to make!


Balloon Vase

All you need is a cup, and a balloon.  Follow this simple guide to learn how to put it together!


Doesn’t this little flower just look so picturesque in this vase?


Colored Ice Spheres

To make a very mystical and scenic display in the winter, pour food coloring and water into a balloon and let it freeze to make this weird and magical looking ice spheres.

They are great for porch decorations!


Balloon Dipped Glassware

This simple DIY trick will allow your cups or jars to have a vibrant color pop to them, while helping them stay slip resistant.  Great for parties!

Check out the tutorial here.


Balloon Bowls

You can even make bowls out of balloons!  Big or small, this trick will let you make colorful and inexpensive kitchenware.

Check out the tutorial here.


Hot Air Balloon Decorations

This idea is really cute, and will give your yard or home a very homey feel.  Just let the balloons be covered in doilies and support wire to make these scenic decorations!



Stress Ball

All you need for this one is some flour and a funnel to make your own stress ball at home.


Keep Your Flowers Watered

If you want a colorful vase for your flowers, just take a balloon and wrap it around the mouth of your vase, fill with water, and let your flowers sit inside.


No Mess Ice Packs

Instead of using ice to keep your drinks cold, use frozen balloons.  There will be no leakage, and when the ice melts you can have an epic water fight!


Balloon Cell Phone Case

If you need a quick cheap case, just press your phone down on a balloon and slowly let the air out to make it into a case.


If you want to see some of these balloon tricks in action, check them out in the video below and let us know if any of these work for you!