He Bought A Juice For His Child — But What He Discovers Inside The Pouch? Disgusting…


When this concerned father picked up his child’s Capri Sun drink he certainly didn’t expect to feel this little surprise hidden inside!

Even though the packaging on the drink said it wasn’t supposed to expire for another eight months, when he peeked to see what was inside, I was utterly revolted.

While it was no surprise when we found out that some fast food restaurants used less-than-fresh ingredients, the fact that a children’s drink had this disgusting surprise inside is even more concerning.

The man in the YouTube clip says that he bought a box of Capri Sun from Walmart not too long ago. But after one or two sips he quickly realized that something was not right. When he opened one of the pouches up to look inside, I had to pause the video. At the 1:18 mark, I was nothing short of repulsed.

The man keeps his cool when he says to the camera, “I just want to show that to the people, if you feed these to the kids, if you feed this to anybody, please double-check this product.”

Hopefully, this is just an insane fluke, but it definitely shows how you should be wary of what you’re feeding your kids. Not being able to see what’s inside is something I’m going to think about next time I buy any drinks. From now on, I’m only purchasing what I can see!

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