Boy And His Dog Make Beautiful, Hilarious Music Together


When you’re alone and you hear your favorite song on the radio, it’s hard to resist turning up the volume and singing along. Even if you’re not much of performer, nobody has to know!

If you’re around other people, though, it takes some real courage to belt out a tune. Putting yourself out for the world to see (and hear) is intimidating to just about everyone.

…Except for this one hilarious pooch. In fact, he couldn’t be more confident about his singing voice. Just watch him show off his pipes when his little human friend begins to play the accordion!

Singing is something that most people only do when they are in the privacy of their own homes. It’s incredibly nerve-wracking when an actual audience is watching, and no one ever likes to feel embarrassed.

Tamaki Sono / Flickr

But that matters not for this one brave dog! He simply doesn’t care who’s listening when he lets his pipes soar loudly, especially when he’s with his young human pal who occasionally joins in for the fun!


Every so often, his friend will grab his accordion, and the two will put on a private concert for the whole house to enjoy. They sit side-by-side like two longtime band members and take the living room stage ready to perform!

As soon as the young boy starts to play, his pup can’t help but belt out note after note. He truly steals the show. The boy might provide the music, but his dog is the one who stands out as the real musical talent!


This pooch might not have the greatest voice in the world, but he sure does have the immense confidence of a superstar in the making. Pull up a chair and watch the hilarious concert this young boy and his dog perform!


It would be so cool to have a dog who wanted to collaborate with you on hit songs, huh? Somebody better let Adele know that she has some competition!

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