Proposals are always fun to watch, especially when they involve a lot of people and are catered to that specific couple.

In this clip, Alan wanted to propose in a way that he’d know Courtney would appreciate. This surprise proposal took a bit of planning, but it was well worth it for the final result.

Alan and Courtney went to the same high school, which is where Courtney later started a dance team, but the couple didn’t officially meet until years later at a wedding.

Alan figured that the upcoming dance competition being held at their high school would be the perfect setting and time to ask his dance coach girlfriend the big question, as well as perform a wedding-themed dance routine with the help of her dance team. With everyone, but Courtney, knowing what was going to happen, it was an extremely well-kept secret that was sure to have her as shocked as possible on the big day.

When the head of the competition pulls Courtney aside the night of, Courtney is completely clueless as to what’s happening behind her.

Once the music starts, Alan and the team start their flash mob performance, and you can tell that Courtney is overcome with emotion.

As Alan makes his way to Courtney to propose, the whole gym is filled to the brim with excitement and anticipation for what her response will be. But when she says yes, the anticipation melts away, and everyone cheers for the married-couple-to-be.

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