> Bride asks pregnant bridesmaid to get abortion before wedding — just so her big day would run smoothly

Bride asks pregnant bridesmaid to get abortion before wedding — just so her big day would run smoothly


A bridesmaid has just taken to social media to recount something that happened to her that has left internet users everywhere shocked and disgusted.

The bridesmaid took to a “wedding shaming” Facebook page to say that the bride, who was a good friend of hers, had a shocking response when she told her that she was pregnant with her second child. The bridesmaid had always been told that she could never have children, so she thought her friend would be ecstatic about the news that she was expecting, but the bride had a very different response that nobody saw coming.

“So about a year before the wedding, I found out I was pregnant. I was always told I couldn’t have kids and so obviously my daughter [was] not planned but I was over the moon,” the bridesmaid wrote. “So I told Kate, expecting excitement, right? Nope. She immediately told me that I was going to be so stressed trying to get my bridesmaid dress fitting on my own since I’d have to do it after everyone already had theirs (I was due in April, wedding was in June).”

“She reminded me that it was a kid free wedding, and then after thoroughly explaining how difficult her wedding would be for me, she said (verbatim) ‘so don’t you think it might be better for you to have an abortion?’” the bridesmaid continued. “I had to read that one a few times.”

The bridesmaid was in complete shock that her friend had actually told her to have an abortion just because of her wedding.

“I asked if she seriously just suggested I get an abortion to make her wedding go more smoothly???? And she told me I was ruining my life and then called her mom on me to tell me to have an abortion,” she added. “(Her mom texted me and said congratulations and said she was always there to support me no matter what I chose and to call her if I needed guidance).”

Social media users were firmly on the bridesmaid’s side, with one of them mocking the bride by writing, “How dare your life continue while I plan my wedding!!?!?!? Unbelievable! Some people.”

“I’m totally pro choice, but to ask someone to have an abortion in order to make sure her wedding goes smoothly is like really disturbing,” a second user wrote, with a third adding, “Abortion is a personal decision – I can’t believe she drew that many people into YOUR decision about your pregnancy, especially when you had made it clear you had decided to parent. All for her own selfish reasons and no actual consideration for you. Gross.”

What are your thoughts regarding the bride’s offensive suggestion to her bridesmaid along with the comments shared with the story?