Bride has strange itch that won’t go away, then learns she has a very rare form of cancer


Liam Crossley and his bride-to-be, Lucy, thought their lives were perfect. It seemed like everything was falling into place at just the right time. Lucy had landed her dream job, and she was working at a lingerie company. Liam was a personal trainer with an increasing client base. The two were saving up for their wedding that was approaching… but then one call changed everything.


Lucy was training for her now job in London, and she called Liam.

Liam says, “She was in London training for her new job and called me to tell me about it. She was not one to make a fuss, so I knew it must be bad.”

Lucy explained over the phone that she suddenly felt a full-body itch. There wasn’t any sign of rashes, but it had overcome her body and no over-the-counter medication worked. She went to a walk-in clinic where doctors diagnosed her with scabies. They ordered her a special cream that should help alleviate the itch. It didn’t work.

In fact, the condition got worse. “When she got back home in the first week of July, she was making her skin bleed with the scratching.”

Lucy then went to another doctor who suspected it was allergies. He prescribed her with antihistamines, but Lucy didn’t feel any relief.

The reason why Liam is telling this story is because Lucy didn’t have scabies or allergies. She had cancer.

And it is a very unknown form of cancer that we don’t ever hear about. Lucy had developed a tumor inside the bile duct in her liver. But she never found out about this until it was too late. After four months of itching and scratching, she finally learned her diagnosis. At 27-years-old, Lucy had cancer, and it shocked everyone she knew.


“The moment they told us she had cancer, she broke down. I tried my best not to cry, too – I wanted to be strong for her.”

Lucy tried to get treated for the cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, but it was too late. Three months after the couple were married, Lucy passed away.

“For three hours after she passed on, I sat there talking to her, apologizing for not being able to save her.”


Although Liam couldn’t save Lucy from her fate, he did the next best thing. He’s on a mission to educate the world so that no one has to endure what he and Lucy went through. He wants to spread awareness about bile duct cancer, and he’s hoping to raise more money to fund research against the cancer.

This particular type of cancer is rising, and more and more people are being diagnosed with it each and every day. Tumors are undetectable in bile ducts because they are so small. Often times, patients are diagnosed when it’s too late.

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