British 6-Yr-Old Melts into Tears of Joy After Mom Reveals He’s Going to Be a Big Brother


6-year-old Brayden Lowe might be the cutest kid in all of Manchester.

Just look at that adorable smile and that swaggy lil haircut– he’s a stud! But Brayden is more than a cute face. He also has impeccable manners, a combo that has a video of him reacting to mom’s big news going viral.

In the video, mom Jade Jones hands Brayden a surprise gift. She starts filming as he opens it up, knowing he’s going to be so excited…

See, Jade and Brayden have always been best friends, but Jade knew he could really use a little playmate, one he could love on and mentor. A little brother, perhaps?

When Brayden opens the gift, there’s a shirt inside reading “mummy is having a baby” and baby scans. Immediately, he bursts into tears!