After her brother throws dirt, this feisty five-year-old has some hilarious home truths for her mum


Childhood tantrums can go one of two ways. They are either incredibly frustrating or drop-dead hilarious!

Thankfully, 5-year-old, Saige, has the most hilarious rant you will ever hear.

Her paroxysm comes from her decision of wanting to move out of her house and she comes out with some absolute comedy gold when she aggressively states that she wants to move into her mum’s friend Jen’s house.

Her gripes include; having a small bedroom, not enough space for her possessions and that her current house is dirty.

Turns out this all spouted from her brother Tanner winding her up… You’ve got to listen to this rambunctious rant as it will definitely make you howl with laughter.

Watch the video below and share if you enjoyed her mega blow-out