> Business Tycoon Celebrates Daughter’s Wedding By Building 90 Apartments For The Homeless

Business Tycoon Celebrates Daughter’s Wedding By Building 90 Apartments For The Homeless


When a wealthy businessman’s daughter gets married, the last thing you’d expect him to do is give money away. Unless it is going to the caterer or the DJ, you’d think that a wealthy businessman would keep his money for himself. At least that’s what we’ve been taught to expect from the wealthiest people in the world.

But now the rich tycoon from India’s Aurangabad in Maharashtra decided to celebrate his daughter’s wedding by using the money he would have spent on her big celebration to build 90 homes for the homeless instead.

Because Ajay Munot has put the equivalent of $11 million aside for his daughter’s wedding, he decided doing something generous for the homeless was a better way to spend part of his hard-earned cash. Check out more about this giving act below!

Munot is a cloth and wheat wholesaler and knows how to make numbers work in his favor. All his life he has been on the receiving side of massive wealth. Because of his business skills, he used about 25 percent of his savings to create 90 homes on 2 acres of land costing him about $2.2 million.

Although they weren’t getting the cash anymore, both the bride and groom supported Munot’s decision. They even got to hand out keys to the new homeowners and see the smiles on their faces as they did something that totally made their lives better instead of being greedy and using the money for themselves.

“I am very happy with the decision and will consider it as my marriage gift,” the bride Sheyra said.

Those selected for the free house had to be living in the slums, very poor, and not have any addictions.

The tiny homes are 12 by 20 feet homes that have two windows, electricity, and have been painted. Unlike many other places in India, these homes have access to filtered water – which is extremely important.

Munot wanted to build 108 homes, but by the time of the wedding, only 90 had been finished. Nonetheless the impact on the homeless in the community was huge.

The rich businessman believes that anyone who has money like that should do something similar for their children’s wedding. Instead of just spending the money on themselves and their families, they should give back to the people.

“This is the new chapter in history and I hope that the same concept will be followed by the other rich communities,” he said. “We have some responsibilities towards our society and we tried to comply with it.”

The response has been huge. People have logged onto Twitter to share gratitude for the business tycoon.

“Thank you Mr. Ajay Munot for distributing 90 one bhk house to poor peopl by cutting lavish wedding expenditure of his daughter.God bless you”

“Great Salute to “AJAY MUNOT & FAMILY Lasur, Aurangabad Who built 90 homes for poor peoples on occasion of marriage of their daughter Shreyas”

See the impact he is making in the video below.

What do you think of this businessman’s generosity? Should more rich people give back?

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