Caged Up Dog Had Little To No Space Before, But Look At Him Today!


The poor dog never had a taste of freedom..

Meet Landis, a Pit Bull mix who had been thankfully rescued when he turned two years old. Most dogs his age have already fully grown bodies, but he did not. The poor pooch had been kept in a cage that was painfully too small for him. This caused multiple devastating effects on his health and physique. He could not stand all the way up, no thanks to his tiny prison. He hunched over in pain, and could not move far either. He was kindly taken in by an animal shelter located in Georgia, where staff quickly contacted Second Chance Rescue in New York City to help Landis.


After just one pitiful look at this dog, Second Chance quickly agrees to take him in. They wanted to do everything in their power to restore Landis’s confidence, life and willpower back to how it should have been.


Their Facebook post read: “To look at him, you would guess he’d been forced to grow up in & live in a small cage. Well, guess what, you’d be right!! Where do these monsters come from that walk among us?!”


There was good news for the pup though, as the physical damage done to his spine was not permanent. An orthopedic specialist was assigned to treat his deformed spine, successfully correcting his posture.


Over time, Landis’s condition improved. Landis was ready to be adopted – with a long list of potential adopters! He ultimately settled with a family who lived all the way in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


His new forever home was perfect. It was only minutes from the beach, where Landis could get ample exercise with his family. A hydrotherapy facility was also close by, making appointments easy to get to!


Landis is now happily living as a part of his new family. His touching journey is proof that a happy ending is almost always guaranteed – as long as there is love!

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