Caged Up German Shepherd Was Thrown Into River Repeatedly On Movie Set


The poor dog had been tortured over and over again..

One Chinese-produced film titled ‘Crazy Alien’ has the general public calling for a boycott against its premiere due to the inhumane treatment of one young German shepherd on set. The incident occurred repeatedly for more than 2 hours, and the poor dog was never let out of the cage. Sadly, its trainer never cared for its well being, either.

One onlooking yet anonymous crew member had released a video online that was filmed on November 28, 2017. The viral video shows a German shepherd, who had been locked in a metal cage before getting spun violently and finally landing in the river. The crate was shown to be completely submerged in the freezing water before it was removed, leaving the dog soaking wet and shivering. Despite the dog’s state, the torturous scene was repeated over and over again. The crew member stated that the film’s director took many takes, and the scene was simply awful to witness. The crew member also informed PETA that the dog’s trainer even tortured the dog if it did not bark as commanded for other scenes.


The Chinese film company responded with an official apology of its own, and even went on to claim that they had wanted to implement measures to improve animal care standards on set.

Their statement translated from Chinese was as follows: “We always strive to treat all cast and crew, human or animal, with the utmost respect and are deeply troubled by the reports of an animal in distress on our production. There is no excuse for any failure to fully account for the welfare of any animal brought into a film, and we will be conducting a full review of our live animal practices and safeguards going forward.”


The shocking footage is as follows in the video below: