> Can Ankle Scarves be the New Fashion Trend?

Can Ankle Scarves be the New Fashion Trend?


When it comes to fashion, we’ve heard it all, from parachute dresses to plastic feathers, the fashion industry is always surprising us.

During these winter months, we naturally get cold, and fashion has come to the rescue. The new fashion trend of brining warmth is incredible and funny at the same time. Who would have ever thought that ankle scarves would ever be a thing?!

Yes, you read that right! Ankle scarves are the new fashion trend that are stylish but also great to keep you warm.

The unusual trend was first featured by Lercio, which is an Italian publication based in Milan which showed photos of tiny knitted scarves wrapped around a model’s ankles.

Wrapping that exposed skin instead of high fitted socks can be the new winter trend. The unusual trend shouldn’t be confused with the 2016 bohemian-inspired trend of silk scarves wrapped around ankles.

Although this has been posted on several fashion platforms, it is unlikely that you will find these ankle scarves available everywhere as they are still not available for sale yet.

A good alternative if you are so keen is buying small scarves from the children’s section!