If You Can Spot The Deer Hiding In Plain Sight In These 6 Photos, You’re In The Top 1 Percent….


A good hunter expects to spot their target within 5 seconds, because after that all bets are off. Most critters and creatures around the world will stand still for roughly 5 seconds, giving the hunter an opportunity to aim, shoot and take it down. One miss, and the animal is gone for good – especially if that animal is a fast one like a deer.

In the following pictures, there are deer hiding within the natural landscape. If you consider yourself a good hunter, or even just someone with a decent eye, you should be able to spot these beautiful animals within 5 seconds – or your time is up and off they go!

  1. In the snowy landscape, she hides and waits..


2. Hidden in the muck and the mud, can you spot this one?


3. This one is just a tree, until you look closer..


4. Break out your night vision goggles to spot this nighttime wanderer


5. The leaves are changing and the deer are hiding somewhere in this autumn landscape


6. This is one snowy mess, but can you spot her hidden in the frost?


How many deer did you spot? Share with us in the comments and thanks to IJReview.com for these beautiful images!