> She Caused A Deadly Accident While Drunk Driving, But The Story Gets Worse

She Caused A Deadly Accident While Drunk Driving, But The Story Gets Worse


It’s definitely hard to watch this video and not feel sick to your stomach. The woman in the backseat of the police car is named Jeena Roberts, and she was 21 years old when this dash cam video was recorded. Roberts was driving along a freeway in Lubbock, Texas while intoxicated, her Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) reaching three times the legal limit. According to an article published by Lubbock Online, Roberts, a petroleum engineering student at Texas Tech was attending a field trip before taking the wheel of her vehicle. Lubbock Online reports that Roberts was speeding somewhere between 80-90 mph before she crashed into an SUV, killing one person and injuring two others. 
The dash cam video captures Roberts’ belligerent attitude and behavior when she is escorted to the police car. The worst part is that when Roberts is told that the accident she caused had killed someone, Roberts’ response is not exactly remorseful, or perhaps it is, but in one fleeting moment she’s back to angrily harassing the driver. Roberts may be heavily intoxicated, but it’s still hard to watch the young woman treat such a serious matter so lightly.

As the video explains, Roberts’ illegal actions have not stopped at the scene of the crash. The news anchor in this video reports that Roberts is heaping on even more charges after she attempted to jump bail. I’m in utter disbelief that someone could commit such an atrocious act and not take the ramifications that seriously. I know a handful of people who have been affected by drunk driving and it’s not a light-hearted matter.

Have you or someone you know been affected by a drunk driver? What do you think about Roberts’ display of character?[video_player]