Céline Dion Crushes Wheel Of Musical Impressions With Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon has no shortage of awesome guests on The Tonight Show — guests who have helped create some of the greatest and most viral moments of contemporary late-night TV. From Jamie Foxx to Ariana Grande, a wide array of celebrities have played Jimmy’s “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” Ariana even went viral with her near-perfect Céline Dion impression

So when it was Céline’s turn to spin the wheel with Jimmy, I knew we were in for a real treat. If you loved the superstar singer before, then you’ll love her even more after this.

Céline certainly doesn’t have to prove her vocal prowess to anyone, but in the clip below, she’s a great sport and sings classic children songs in the style of other famous singers, like Cher.

But things take an incredible turn when she stands up in her sparkly dress and belts out her Sia impression — which she pairs with the perfect visual touch. After all, Sia is known for hiding her face.

I knew Céline was funny, but I didn’t know she was this funny. Looks like Jimmy didn’t either!

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