Who doesn’t appreciate a great Carpenters song? Well, this sentiment is echoed by a 4-month-old baby who has showcased immense admiration for the iconic singing group. The internet was captivated by a charming 2014 video capturing the tiny tot’s adorable attempt to sing along with a Carpenters’ tune, and it’s no wonder it became a viral sensation.

Seated securely in his car seat at the kitchen table, Baby Adler awaited an introduction to a renowned Carpenters song initiated by one of his mom’s friends. Leaning over him, the woman began serenading him with the timeless melody of “I Need To Be In Love.”

Initially, Adler is so captivated by her voice and the song itself that he seems mesmerized. His adorable reaction caused John Cooksey, the man who posted the video and friend of the parents, to start recording a video, and we’re so glad that he did!

With the song unfolding, Adler’s charming smile expands, and he appears incapable of simply listening any more. The endearing little one opens his mouth, attempting to join in, emitting cute whining noises that harmonize with the woman’s rendition.

Locking eyes with his mom’s friend, Adler continues to radiate joy, clearly relishing not just the song but also the chance to sing along with her.

“I Need To Be In Love” resonates not only with the infant demographic but also held a special place in Karen Carpenter’s heart, being her favorite among all her songs, as stated on

Upon discovering the adorable video of Adler’s singing prowess, John felt compelled to share it with the world. Swiftly uploading it to YouTube, he expressed gratitude to Adler’s mom, Lisa, for facilitating their visit and providing the opportunity to witness such a precious performance.

Since the video made its way onto the internet, it has garnered more than 4.8 million views! Several commenters expressed that the enchanting blend of the lovely song and the baby’s endearing expression melted their hearts. Another observer noted that Adler’s facial expression suggested he could feel the emotion behind every word of Karen’s renowned song.

Take a look at the video to witness Adler’s charming expression and his delightful efforts to sing along. What are your thoughts on this baby and his performance? Share your reactions below!


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