Chihuahua siblings are born with 2 legs each, doesn’t stop them from living life to the fullest


When a pair of pups were born missing their two front legs in the same litter, due to over-breeding and inbreeding, one amazing couple came to their rescue. This is the heart-warming story of Kanga and Roo.

According to an article on The Dodo, the original owner of these two dogs, who were named Kanga and Roo, tried to care for the two dogs for about a year but was sadly unable to. As dogs with disabilities, their care is much more intensive and can be hard for owners, especially breeders who already have several dogs coming in and out of their home.


The breeder placed the two dogs into the care of a rescue center called Angles Among Us, where Kanga and Roo were in foster care together for several months. After many unsuccessful adoption events where no one applied to adopt the pair, a miracle happened.

Meet Therese Vu and her husband, Duc Tran.


After she saw an online post about the special Chihuahuas, Therese just knew that these dogs were meant to be with them, and immediately starting looking into how to best care for the pair.


The couple adopted Kanga and Roo on June 25th, 2013 and couldn’t be happier. They even went to great lengths to make sure their beloved new pets were absolutely comfortable in their new home. Apparently the couple actually installed soft blankets and mats all around their home to make sure that Kanga and Roo weren’t suffering from any skids or harming themselves.


Also, luckily enough, Therese and Duc were friends with someone who specifically works with prosthetics. Their friend created special sweaters for the dogs made from the same material that doctors use to protect a patient’s skin from possible irritation by a prosthetic limb.


Kanga and Roo, now 5 years old each, have an amazing family and a great life, all thanks to one woman’s amazingly kind heart. Therese and Duc even went on to make little wheelchairs for the duo so they can get around easier – isn’t that just too cute? Bigs shout-out to Therese and Duc for opening your home and hearts to some amazing and adorable pups!

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