Children asked to choose between receving their dream gift or giving a gift to their family


This video is proving that children do understand the spirit of Christmas season. UP TV wanted to see how children would react when given the choice between a gift for themselves and a gift for their parents. And you’ll be stunned by the results.

The children were part of the Atlanta Boys & Girls Club, 83% of which come from low-income families, according to UP TV. To begin the experiment, the children were asked what they wanted for Christmas. This question was followed up by asking the kids what their parents wanted.

This set of questions was easy for the children to answer. However, the next question caused a bit more of a pause.

The kids were then brought each of the presents. But they were told that they could only choose one. They had to decide between the present for themselves or the gift for their parents.

The response surprised everyone in the room. Every single child chose a gift for their parents. Not one child selected a personal gift.

The children did not hesitate to explain why they chose the gift for their parents. Many explained that their parents did so much for them and never received anything in return.

The parents were in another room watching this experiment. The video shows their emotional response to watching their children sacrifice what they wanted just for them.

This video will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. After you have watched the clip, be sure to spread the joy to everyone else that you know. These children should be applauded for their selflessness.