Children Take Pictures Of Lion From Car. In An Instant, Things Take A Terrifying Turn


Going on an African safari seems like it would be a blast! But there are several important things to keep in mind when in the presence of giant predators.

Gnarling teeth, massive claws, pointy tusks and running speeds that rival some of the world’s fastest sports cars all make the African wild more dangerous than people expect. Such was the case when a group of tourists took a drive through the lion-infested wilderness and did something that nearly cost them their lives!


While filming the lions sitting right in front of them, many of the passengers rolled down their windows to get a better look. Humans were hanging out of their vehicles so they could snap a better picture of the beasts sitting just a few feet away.

As if to warn the tourists, the enormous male lion sitting closest to the cars sat up from its relaxed position on the ground and let out a roar that left the tourists shaking. He was staking his claim to his wildlife refuge.


This occurred along the S1 near Skukuza in the Kruger National Park located in South Africa. The park’s rules state that no part of the body is to protrude from a vehicle, including a window or sunroof, except in designated areas.

A tour company, Kruger Sightings, received video of this encounter and shared it on its YouTube page to serve as a warning to others. All tourists need to remain in their vehicles at all times.


If a lion were to charge at you with your vehicle’s window down, there would be no time to protect yourself before the lion was through the window and all over you. This is something the tourists in the video below obviously didn’t think of.

The result could’ve been much worse than just a loud noise erupting from the lion! This is a lesson that can be applied when observing any type of predator!


Watch this frustrated lion let out a howl in the video below.