> Chill Champagne In Minutes By Simply Adding Salt To Ice

Chill Champagne In Minutes By Simply Adding Salt To Ice


The holidays present a dizzying array of planning — parties, shopping, baking, and cleaning. The list goes on. And, as someone who has thrown plenty of fun gatherings for family and friends, there is always some unexpected snag you’ll likely run into. But, there’s usually a quick fix.

At my last holiday party, I found it can be a drag to wait around for a bottle of champagne or white wine to chill. Thankfully, my friend saved me hours of waiting around and showed me that there’s actually a really simple way to chill it fast.

To quickly chill a bottle of alcohol, you can make a bath using ice, water, and — the secret ingredient — salt. You’ll need to get the mixture up to the neck of the champagne bottle and let it sit in the bath for a few minutes. But in no time, you’ll be ready to pop the bottle and enjoy! What a lifesaver! Watch the video below to see this amazing hack demonstrated.

There’s no doubt I’ll be using this trick when I host my annual New Year’s Eve party this year. I can have the bottles ready and chilling, so there’s no need to stand around waiting when my guests want some cold and refreshing libations.

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