It probably comes as no surprise to readers that the average American does not get the proper amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation causes a number of health issues that can plague well into old age. Those who make sure to get the proper amount of sleep may also be placing themselves at risk, though.Even those who receive their eight hours each night will want to read on and learn more.

If you are used to sleeping on your right side, it is time to change your ways. Chiropractors have linked this sleeping position to neck and back pain. Sleeping on the left side is actually believed to provide us with far more benefits than the right. There are a wide range of reasons for this. First of all, our digestive problems are able to be taken care of.

When we sleep on our right side, the body does not digest toxins in the same manner. By choosing to sleep on our left side, we are helping these processes to run in a more smooth and efficient manner. Experts also recommend taking a quick power nap on the left side after a large meal. The meal digests more quickly and we provide ourselves with a much needed energy boost.


Heart health is also impacted by the way that we sleep. The blood flows to the heart in a much healthier manner if we sleep on our left sides. Sleeping on the right side places far more stress on the heart and that is why we should avoid it as much as possible. Pregnant women will also want to take this precaution. The baby remains healthier and potential spinal issues are avoided.

Snorers should also heed this advice. Those who sleep on their right side are far more likely to keep their throat and tongue in the proper position. To further enhance our chances of getting the best night’s sleep possible, we will also need to keep the lights off, avoid food and beverage that causes heartburn and clear our mind of all stress factors.


Do you have a friend or loved one who is struggling with the type of problems that were discussed in this story? If so, take a moment to pass it along. These sleep hacks definitely need to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. Don’t be shy about passing them along.

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