> Classic ‘Honeymooners’ Clip Will Still Leave You Laughing

Classic ‘Honeymooners’ Clip Will Still Leave You Laughing


Back in 1955, The Honeymooners was one of the most popular shows on the airwaves. But when Jackie Gleason needed to learn how to play golf in order to impress his boss, that particular episode made television history for having one of the funniest and most memorable sketches of all time.

It was a simple enough premise; Ralph Kramden had lied to his boss and told him he was an excellent golfer, there was only one small problem: He had never golfed in his life. That’s when Ed Norton comes into the picture. Trying his best to help out his friend he sets himself up for one of the funniest lines in television history, when the self-help golfer’s book says “address the ball” Norton follows the instructions to a tee.

“Hello ball!” he screams at the pincushion on the floor, Kramden, fed up with his neighbor, pushes him out of the way and more jokes ensue from the brilliant comedians.

While only 39 “original” episodes of this classic show aired, the impact of this hilarious show left its mark. It was one of the first shows to depict an American household that was gritty and more true to life; not only did it feature good clean jokes and smart humor, but every single one of their episodes is funny even today.

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