> Coffee And Cocktails Might Give You A Longer Life, Research Shows

Coffee And Cocktails Might Give You A Longer Life, Research Shows


It’s not news that booze and coffee are unhealthy, yet that doesn’t stop us drinking them. Most people have more than one cup each day to wake up and during breaks. You can probably relate—nothing helps you survive a Monday like some fresh roasted. On the weekend, it might be a cocktail at the club or a pint while watching TV.

Well, they might actually be doing you some good, says research from UC Irvine. At least, that’s what findings from the Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders unit have shown.

Before we begin, the stats show that alcohol and coffee may be beneficial in reasonable amounts. That part is key. Binging on coffee or booze won’t do you any good, but a little might make you live longer.

The research has analyzed 1.6k 90-year-olds for over 15 years since it began in 2003. The researchers discovered that healthy nonagenarians had both booze- and coffee-drinking habits.

Funnily enough, researchers also discovered that those who were overweight during their seventies were thriving when they reached ninety. So, don’t stress TOO much about a second serving at dinner!

The research revealed that consuming 2 daily coffee servings cut down the risk of early demise by 10%, with a figure of 18% for those who had 2 daily alcohol servings. It’s not advisable to get hooked, but a wine with dinner might not be so bad after all.

Nonetheless, it was also found that exercise had critical benefits, as fifteen to forty-five minutes of exercise each day reduced risk of dying early by a considerable 11%. Engaging in hobbies for 2 hours daily cut the risks 21%. It’s great for those who have some time to spare, as lower stress helps out here. As it stands, those with 2 extra hours for hobbies may just have other areas of their lives in order and a lot less to stress over.

Another downside was 80% of those studied were experiencing some kind of disability, while 40% had dementia in some kind. Women had higher stats than men.  

The general message, however, was that moderation is key. Do relax and indulge a little, and don’t beat yourself up if you’re having that second small serve or another cocktail. 

What do you reckon? Share your thoughts below and tell us what your tipple is! Share these stats with others who adore a cocktail or a cup of joe, so they can feel a bit better!