An adorable video landed online, in which all the attention was stolen by a stray dog.

He visited the couple for a year, but never mustered the courage to approach a man and a woman. He preferred to observe everything from afar.

The authors of the video wrote next to it that the stray dog ​​walked near them almost everyday last year. They were very worried about him, as many days were cold and with bad weather, and the dog more than obviously had no roof over his head.

One day, however, everything changed – a real little miracle happened during the walk. The stray dog ​​approached them for the first time, then followed them every step of the way. He even entered their house, where the authors of the video took him as their own. They adopted him and now they also take care of him. Judging by the dog’s responses, he is more than grateful.

Watch a cute video about a stray dog who has been gathering the courage for a year to get closer to his future loving owners. All good at the end!

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