Cute Little Girl Walks Around Committing Random Acts Of Kindness On A College Campus


There’s nothing sweeter than seeing a random act of kindness bring a smile to someone’s face. There are so many little things that can be done to make a stranger smile, we should all make an effort to do it at least once every day!

From holding the door for the person behind you, to bending down to help with a spilled purse, or even just smiling at a stranger when you pass them on the street — the opportunities to be kind are endless.

You can go big, like these Target employees who helped a young man looking for a clip-on tie for his very first job interview.

Not only did he walk out of the store with a pre-tied tie, he left with a ton of advice and support to take with him on his interview. And guess what? He nailed it!

Or you can do something simple, but just as powerful, like this Publix employee who bent down to help an old man tie his shoes. So sweet!

For Isaac Sanders, his mission was bigger. Not only was he looking to spread joy with random acts of kindness, but he was also looking to teach little Rhea about the wonderful effect that these acts could have on people.

One thing is for sure, Rhea sure is one sweet little girl — and an excellent hugger!

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