Dad Babysits His ‘Grandbaby’ For The Day In Sweet Photo Series


We just celebrated Father’s Day this past weekend, toasting and celebrating all of the awesome fathers out there. Lots of us are lucky enough to have more than one great male role model in our lives, from an awesome uncle who is a pro babysitter to a beloved grandpa, but we all know that dear old Dad always comes first!

Recently, one little girl in Kansas got to give the whole world a lesson in creative parenting, in a showcase of just how awesome her dad and her grandpa are.

It all started with a very simple request from 9-year-old Joselyn.

The little girl had no idea what she was setting into motion when she asked her dad a favor: would he please babysit her doll Abbie for the day? Abbie, who Joselyn considers her “baby,” wanted to spend the day with her “Grandpa.”

Well, Dad not only stepped up to the plate, he hit a home run in his role as easily the world’s greatest baby doll babysitter.

Check out the whole sweet story below to learn more about Joselyn and her awesome dad!


It all started when 9-year-old Joselyn asked her dad to spend the day babysitting his “granddaughter,” her favorite doll, Abbie.

Apparently, Joselyn told her dad, “She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa.”

Dad runs a trucking and harvesting company in Colby, KS, called McCain Enterprises.


And if Pops thought that his babysitting assignment was going to slip little Joselyn’s mind, he was in for another thing.

In the morning, when he got ready to go, Joselyn made sure to remind him of his extra task for the day, according to a post on the trucking company’s Facebook page.

Dutiful Dad duly picked up Abbie, a blonde baby doll with creative fashion sense and some artful streaks of blue in her hair, and loaded her into the truck.


Dad decided early on in his babysitting assignment that he was going to take Joselyn’s request to heart.

Instead of tucking the doll in the back of the cab and forgetting about her, he decided to document every part of Abbie’s exciting day on the job.

First up was a quick snack of Slim Jims and Coca-Cola.


Next, Abbie took a break from visiting with her grandpa, in favor of spending some time with her great-grandfather.

Joselyn’s grandfather works closely with his son at their trucking and harvesting business.

He was more than happy to take a pause from his busy workday to hang out with Abbie for Joselyn’s sake, as the attached Facebook post notes, “He thinks the world of his granddaughter.”


Abbie also got plenty of opportunities to see how other aspects of the business work.

Here, she watches intently as the corn harvest is loaded into the truck.

As “Grandpa” no doubt knows, it’s important to have someone checking the cargo as it’s loaded into the truck.


Of course, no day in a trucker’s life would be complete without striking a pose for a photo op.

Here, Abbie, known for her funky fashion sense, shows off how well her shoes match the purple paint of the truck.

We have no doubt that Abbie’s stylist, Joselyn, was gratified to see her hard work appreciated.

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