Dad finally goes public with tape recorder audio he put in autistic son’s pocket for school


Any good doctor will refer to the children’s parents in the case of something is wrong. If eating habits or sleeping habits change, the parents are the first ones to notice. So, when parents notice sudden changes in behavior – especially of school-aged children – it becomes obvious that something is wrong. Either those children are under a lot of stress or someone is doing something to them that is causing them to change.

That’s what one dad from New Jersey figured out. Because his autistic son, who was always so happy, suddenly began to show signs of emotional distress, dad knew something was wrong. He had no idea how he’d be able to catch the boy’s abusers in action. He couldn’t ask them to their face, the liars would simply deny the truth. He couldn’t ask his school, because then they might just hide it better.

Dad suddenly had a brilliant idea. He planted a tape recorder in his son’s pocket and sent him to school. That way, when he came home that night, dad could review the recording and see if the boy was mistreated and by whom.

Stuart Chaifetz placed the recorder in his 10-year-old Akian’s pocket and sent him to school for the day at the special school for the disabled in Cherry Hill School District.

After the boy returned home just as defeated and depressed as he had been for a while, dad reviewed the recording. His heart suddenly sank as he heard the abuse his boy had to endure.

Throughout the entire 6-hour recording, Chaifetz heard the boy’s teacher and the teacher’s aide cruelly bullying the autistic child. And they did not relent until the boy cried – then they poured salt in his emotional wounds.

In the recording, dad heard the teacher calling his son a “bastard” and urging him to “shut up.” Mind you, this is a teacher who asked for a  job at a school for disabled children.

The boy repeatedly asked for his father, but the cruel staff denied him shortly. Eventually, the autistic child fell into an emotional meltdown that lasted half an hour.

Chaifetz understood that he could not use the audio recording as evidence in the state of New Jersey. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him from taking action.

Dad immediately sent the recording to the head of the school. This led to the teacher’s aide being fired, but because the teacher was a union worker, the teacher got away with the atrocious abuse.

Besides firing the underling, the school never took any more action to ensure their students are properly taken care of.

In the video below, Chaifetz apologizes to his son for sending him to such a horrible school.

“So sorry you went through all this. You didn’t deserve it. You are a wonderful human being, and I love you with all my heart. Please don’t let the cruelty of these vicious and miserable people change your beautiful nature.”

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