Dad Sends Hilarious Texts To Mom While Trying To Deal With Son’s Vomit


We can all admit it, kids can be pretty disgusting. They have fluids leaking from nearly every orifice on their little bodies, most of which smells repulsing and is a pain to have to clean up. This is a daily task that all parents face when they have children, though, and it is their burden to bare.

Many will happily grin and bare it, mainly because they know that it a sacrifice that they have to make for the love of their child.

What many parents don’t know until they are faced with it, though, is that young kids can indeed produce up to twice their own body weight in vomit alone.

Ben Patterson is a father who recently learned this fun fact while driving his kids around on a Friday night. He had care of the kids while their mom had a night out with friends, and while he thought he would be just fine in his dad duties, nothing could have prepared him for the chaos that was about to ensue.

Ben sent a text to the kids’ mother, attaching a photo of their son completely covered in her own vomit. He informed his wife that he had since pulled over and “trying not to throw up myself.”



These attempts were feeble, however, as Ben proceeded to continuously vomit all over a woman’s yard that they had pulled in front of, and act that he called being a “sympathetic vomiter.”



The homeowner eventually came out to check on the situation, and called the police for suspicions of drunk driving. When police arrived, the administered a breathalyzer test, and the results proved that Ben had not been drinking, but rather was truly just disgusted by his child’s vomit.



The one sided text messages to his wife are truly the most hilarious part of this whole incident, and we can’t help but to laugh at his reactions.



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