Dad Starts “Beat Boxing” For Son, But It’s Baby’s Reaction That Is Melting Hearts Everywhere


The internet is going nuts over an incredibly talented dad who, in addition to changing diapers and bottle feeding, just so happens to beatbox. However, it’s not just the dad who is wowing viewers, but it’s his adorable baby son as well.

Mom films as Dad starts out saying “yes” over and over, then catapults into his beatbox routine. Clearly the baby knows what’s coming, as he immediately starts jamming out in his highchair.

The range of sounds Dad can make with his voice is quite impressive, and the baby is just eating it up.

But when Dad stops, this little one isn’t happy. The gesture he makes when Dad stops his interesting beatbox routine is the best part.

The adorable baby boy does the American Sign Language sign for “more,” and does so quite emphatically. This tyke clearly cannot get enough of Dad’s talent!

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So, to keep up with the demands of his little boy, Dad starts beat-boxing again like a seasoned professional! The baby starts shaking his head hard in the highchair, feeling the beat and giggling with joy.

He’s not the only one who is impressed with the fact that Dad can beatbox like a champion – the hundreds of thousands of people who have watched Dad perform are also left in awe. Everyone’s admiration for Dad’s talent is because beatboxing is a relatively recent type of vocal art that few people can do well.

Human Beatbox explained the intersting history behind beatboxing and how it came to be the artform we know today.

“Beatboxing, like graffiti, began its life as an urban art form… When MCs starting to rap over drum machine (beatbox) beats in the urban communities of New York City, especially in the Bronx, drum machines and synthesizers were not very affordable. Samplers were well out of reach even for well-paid musicians. Necessity is the mother of invention, and without machine-supplied beats to rap over, a new, more accessible instrument was adopted – the mouth – and thus human beatboxing was born.”

Now vocalists from all over the globe know how to make these instrumental-sounding noises with their mouths and, just like this incredible father, leaves their audience begging for more.

Hopefully this little one will follow suit and beatbox just like his dad when he’s older. You know what they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

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Dad stops again and baby is not thrilled. Here comes the sign language again, signaling for “more, more.”

Of course, Dad consents and that amazing beat-box routine kicks into overdrive. At the end, the pint-sized rocker starts squealing along.

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Watch the entertaining father son duo in the video below – aren’t they just adorable?