> Dad Waits at Restaurant to Order. But When He Sees Servers Face, Jumps out of Seat and Starts Crying

Dad Waits at Restaurant to Order. But When He Sees Servers Face, Jumps out of Seat and Starts Crying


Having a loved one overseas can be difficult. Distance may make the heart grow fonder, but the struggles and worry can be amplified when the loved one is a member of the United States military.

Military men and women are in harm’s way at every moment and make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Their jobs overseas are unimaginable to those of us who have never served.

Unimaginable in a different way is what their families go through when they are deployed. After missing their service man or woman for months on end, it’s no wonder their reunions are documented on video to share with the world.

That’s what happened for a father in Austin, Texas. His son, Corporal Cory Harris, had been serving with the United States Marine Corps in Japan for the last 14 months.


He knew his homecoming would be a big deal for his father, Greg Harris, and decided to surprise him. Their great reunion took place at Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin.

The restaurant was in on Cory’s plan and were able to set him up with everything he needed for the surprise. He wanted to dress up in a waiter’s uniform and show up to take his dad’s order, completely catching him off guard.

The returning son had a short speech planned, but, as you can see, was unable to get through all of it. The video showed Greg jumping out of the booth just seconds after his son approached the table.

The overjoyed dad immediately recognized his son and gave him an enormous hug. The two shared a lengthy embrace, and tears were shed by all.

Just watching the video has caused viewers to also be emotional. The love and pride this father has for his son is so evident in his reaction.

At one point, the Greg even took off his glasses and threw them on the table, burying his face in his son’s shoulder. He hugged him even tighter.

No matter how many videos of soldiers coming home appear on the internet, it is always beautiful to see a family reunited after a long period of time. It also reminds us of the sacrifice made by soldiers as well as their family to keep our great country safe.